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Cloud Accounting

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
George Bernard Shaw

The business world today is a difficult environment in which to operate. In order to stay ahead of the pack every business owner must make daily decisions based on the financial information they have available.

All businesses rely on their financial systems to provide them with the information required. Unfortunately traditional book keeping systems that are used by small businesses quite often do not provide the type of information required in an understandable format or within a relevant timescale. This lack of real-time information hinders management’s ability to apply their knowledge to situations which occur on a daily basis.

Obviously there are a number of very good accounting packages out there in the market place but most business owners find that while they can balance their books on a regular basis they do not provide meaningful reports without engaging costly advice from their accountants or spending hours battling to understand their accounting system.

Now there is a better more flexible alternative to assist all small business owners take more control of their finances; cloud accounting.

Instead of buying an expensive system which is stored on one desk top computer, cloud accounting systems are paid for on a monthly basis and can be accessed on a number of devices including mobile phones. Suddenly as a business owner you have access to your accounting information on a 24/7 basis from any location.

With the right package you can enter your financial information from any location and check relevant information at any time. 

Here at Armstrong & Company we have made the decision to use Xero Accounting packages for ourselves and our clients.

Follow this link for more information about Xero click this link to their web site CLICK HERE

What does this mean for our clients?

Our clients who use Xero know that at any time they can ask a question about their finances and we can deal with it because we have direct access to their books from our office or even our phone.

If our clients are struggling with the book keeping aspect of their business we can log onto their system and advise how to correct errors without the need for a visit.

Every month as part of our fixed fee service we can provide management reports allowing the business owner to know exactly how they are performing.

What does this cost?

A typical system costs £20 per month (excluding VAT) from Xero.

We then fix a fee with the client to cover monthly management information and annual accounts and tax.

Remember here at Armstrong & Company we do not charge for meetings or phone calls so our clients feel comfortable in using our services without getting large bills for extras.

Is my data safe?

Companies like Xero employ the most advanced data protection systems available and in reality your data is probably safer than being stored on a desk top in your office which could be subject to damage or theft.

Remember it’s not too long ago that people questioned the safety of online shopping!

How do I become part of this new way of managing my business?

To quote a meerkat "it’s simples".

Just contact us and we will meet you to discuss your needs.

We will provide a written fixed fee quote for annual accounts and tax.

If you wish to become part of the cloud accounting revolution we will sign you up with Xero, train you in its use and ensure your old accounting information is transferred into the new system.

From then on you can enjoy the benefits of having up to date information about your business on a 24/7 basis with no extra costs.

Can I become a client and retain my old accounting system?

Of course you can and we will find a fixed fee package that suits your needs.

If you would like a no obligation meeting then contact us on

0191 2336329 
Or email

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success".

Henry Ford

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